Dr Paul Cotton
Dr Paul Cotton

Cotton won't join task force

PAUL Cotton has confirmed his potential support for the newly formed Community Health Task Force but dismissed the possibility of him joining its ranks.

“Absolutely not. I see no benefit in joining,” Dr Cotton told the Chronicle.

“If Chris Foley can coalesce the community and prove he has something better and more effective, I would have no difficulty giving him support.”

However, Dr Cotton’s focus remains on the Fraser Coast Health Focus Group which, he says, has been reinvigorated by the furore surrounding the set up of the new group.

He maintained a second health lobby group would be a nonsense and offered to step aside if he was an obstacle to Mr Foley joining the health focus group.

“Paul Cotton is a small casualty.”

Gerard O’Connell was concentrating on a health focus group meeting this week involving the four presidents of the chambers of commerce.

The Fraser Coast councillor said he had considered an invitation from Mr Foley to join the task force.

“I would rather we work with the existing group and push it on and give it a new focus. Otherwise we’re putting people through a mind game.”

Mr O’Connell said that meetings of the health focus group had been “informal and spasmodic” but was enthusiastic about this week’s sit-down.

“The first item on the agenda will be to decide how much broader the membership should be.

“My preference would be that Chris and anyone he suggests should come to the health focus group. I don’t think there is a need for another group.”

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