Murdered man's penis cut off

Accused murderers Byron Naylor and Graeme Wright are led into Maryborough Courthouse yesterday.
Accused murderers Byron Naylor and Graeme Wright are led into Maryborough Courthouse yesterday. Karleila Thomsen

A COURT has been told murdered Maryborough man Noel Allan Clark (pictured below) was bludgeoned with a baseball bat before having his penis cut off.

Fifteen witnesses gave evidence in Maryborough Magistrates Court yesterday during committal proceedings into the murder of Mr Clark.

Graeme Kenneth Wright, Dianna Gay Wright and Byron Naylor have been charged with murder and Ms Wright has also been charged with interfering with a corpse.

The court heard Dianna Gay Wright, known as Tori, was in a relationship with Byron Naylor but had slept with Mr Clark at the suggestion of Graeme Wright.

Graeme Wright hatched the plan so his own partner Kylie, who was also sleeping with Mr Clark, would see that Mr Clark was not trustworthy.

Mr Wright’s cousin Georgia Bailey said Graeme Wright confessed to setting up the liaison.

“He said he found Kylie in bed with Noel,” Ms Bailey said.

“He said he arranged for Noel to go back to (the woman’s) house because Graeme wanted to prove to Kylie that Noel was cheating on her.

“He wanted to take photos to prove Noel was sleeping around.”

The court heard Tori (Dianna Wright) picked up Mr Clark from the Maryborough Centrelink office and took him back to her house.

“Things went wrong from there,” Ms Bailey said.

“It was none of what Graeme planned to happen.

“He said Byron hit Noel over the head and things went wrong and Graeme didn’t want it to go like that.

“I asked Graeme if he was dead and he said to me that he wasn’t, but hitting him in the head with the bat made him not too good.”

Ms Bailey said her cousin came to stay with her at Warwick and he was arrested there by police.

She said she asked police what “interfering with a corpse” meant and they told her Mr Clark’s penis was cut off.

“They started telling me the whole thing,” she said.

“They told me they knew he’d been hit over the head quite a few times, I think they said with a baseball bat.

“They told me the name of a spray they said Graeme shoved down Noel’s throat and sprayed him there.

“The police said Graeme is the only person who knows where the body is.”

Mr Wright also told Ms Bailey he’d received a call from “Camel” who said Noel was “under a load of fertiliser in the forestry.”

Graeme Wright’s mother Estelle Cameron said her son had confessed to bashing Noel Clark on April 22, about a month before Mr Clark was believed to have been murdered.

“He said he’d just bashed or flogged that c*** with an iron bar,” Ms Cameron said.

“I saw that Graeme had blood on his jeans and his hands.”

Ms Cameron said her son asked her to go to the hospital to check on Kylie, who had accompanied Noel Clark there.

“He was so mad and so possessed with Kylie he wasn’t interested in anything else.

“I was scared. I didn’t know what he was going to do.

“He rang me a couple of days later and said ‘I haven’t finished with him yet’.”

Graeme Wright also told his sister Karen Wright about the assault.

“He said he bashed Noel and that Kylie had taken him to hospital,” she told the court.

“Graeme said that he wasn’t going to be happy until he’d killed the c***, until he’d got him.”

In another conversation, Graeme Wright told his sister he’d “batted in between his legs” and “the first blow he was knocked out, knocked out cold.”

Other witnesses told the court that Mr Clark was a drug user and had accrued a debt with a local drug dealer.

He was also rumoured to have been informing to police about drug activity in Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

More witnesses are expected to give evidence today.

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