DOGS will be forcibly desexed under a new local law proposed by the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

The public is invited to have a say on the proposed amendment to section 7 of the animals local law, that would include forcing owners to de-sex their dog before it reaches 22 weeks old.

Deputy Mayor Robert Garland said the changes would lower the number of unwanted dogs ending up in the pound.

"(It is) to minimise unplanned and uncontrolled breeding which can lead to large numbers of pups being available," he said.

"THESE often become impulse purchases that are potentially discarded when the reality and costs of looking after a dog sets in."

From July to September the council impounded 181 dogs. Of those, 23 were euthanised, 62 re-homed and 96 returned to their owner.

There are exceptions to the proposed rule. Dogs can remain whole if desexing would have a serious risk to its health, the dog is being foster cared or the dog was registered with the council and remains with the same owner prior to the new law being introduced.

Recognised breeders would also be exempt of the proposed law, as would dogs over eight-years-old.

Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery Ron McKay said there were several benefits to getting a dog desexed, describing it as a "no-brainer".

"Number one is preventing unwanted pregnancies," he said.

"Un-desexed male dogs tend to pee everywhere, have un-sociable habits and show aggression towards other male dogs," he said.

In the past year 20,305 dogs have been registered on the Fraser Coast.

About 43% of those have been desexed, 16% are whole and 40% are older than eight years.

On Facebook Sabene Nelson-Beck agreed with the changes.

"It's important to control back yard breeding," she wrote.

Jodie Tangikara said she was not so sure of the council's plans.

"Council have no right to tell owners what to do," she said.

"Is council going to cover the cost?"

Geoff Emery believes the council is not friendly to pets.

"Fees exorbitant they say and now no provision for the family who wishes to have a litter before desexing," he wrote.

"How about thinking of the elderly and the disabled who appreciate company and have to budget?"

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