Petition to ban helium balloons in Queensland

Keep Australia Beautiful is committed to the development of activities and targeted campaigns to educate different sectors of the community to create sustainable communities adopting a wide range of strategies and plans to promote the waste minimization.

We have set up an online petition calling for the prohibition of the helium balloons in Queensland because of the threat to wildlife and source of litter forced in waterways.

Helium is considered a non-renewable gas that is used mostly in hospitals.

It is used in MRI scanners and is usually mixed with oxygen to make breathing easier for sick patients and can save newborn babies lives.

Helium is extracted from the earth's crust and there is a currently global shortage of this gas.

The scarcity of Helium is a really serious issue and once it is realized in the atmosphere it is gone forever.

Also, balloons are a common source of litter found in waterways being a serious threat to marine and wildlife.

When deflated balloons are floating in waterways they can be ingested by marine life such as turtles, fish and dolphins.

Despite of being made from biodegradable latex, balloons floating in the ocean can take up to 12 month to degrade.

To get this important purpose, we need the support of our community to gather the most possible signatures in this e-petition:

We are able to provide you more information about this campaign at anytime.

Alvaro Vinuales Pallares, volunteer, Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland.

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