Steps for Recovery Walk - Josh Aslop talks to the crowd about his path to recovery from drug addiction.
Steps for Recovery Walk - Josh Aslop talks to the crowd about his path to recovery from drug addiction. Alistair Brightman

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A YEAR ago, Josh Alsop's life plummeted to rock bottom in the grip of a 20-year ice addiction.   

Today he is a changed man, happier and "sane" as he describes it, on the cusp of becoming a Bayside Transformations graduate.  

The 34-year-old shared his inspirational story of regaining his life by overcoming drug addictions at the organisation's Steps for Recovery Walk on Saturday. 

  At Bill Fraser Park in Torquay, a crowd of about 150 listened and cheered him on - some of whom currently battled addiction themselves.  

Mr Alsop's path to recovery is an example of how difficult overcoming addiction can be.   

His recent success through the Bayside Transformations program was his second attempt at it, following an unsuccessful go in 2015.  

After lasting just four days in the program, he ran away to a pub to resume his party lifestyle.  

He said the Hervey Bay rehabilitation centre was challenging to graduate from.   

Mr Alsop said the program's focus on Christianity was a major factor that helped him get through.   

"I'm so happy now, words can't describe it," Mr Alsop said.  

"Going into the program I weighed 50kg - I'm now 90kg.  

"I've gotten my sanity back."  

Fast forward to the present, Mr Alsop is filled with bright dreams for the future.

Reconnecting with his family and kids has been one of his greatest achievements.   

He has sights set on becoming a social worker, by becoming a mentor himself with Bayside Transformations.  

"Cause I've been there, I know how hard it is," he said.   

"Hopefully I can be a great leader and show them that it can be done."   

Those on the Steps for Recovery Walk went on a 5km journey along Esplanade, raising thousand of dollars for Bayside Transformations, a not-for-profit that depends on the generosity of others.   

People of all ages attended, making it a night to remember.   

The was the second annual Steps for Recovery Walk.  

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