OPINION: Pink park plans setting women back 50 years

NEXT week, Perth will be the first city to trial a 'pink' women's only car park, and the other week the NSW government announced the possibility of having women-only carriages on their trains.

There are a couple of issues I have with these unconventional ideas.

What this car park and train carriage will do is make women sitting ducks - it will only make it easier for a man to prey on women, if that's his intention.

No amount of CCTVs or emergency buttons will stop the actual issue at hand.

Again, this is taking away basic rights with a blanket solution rather than addressing the core of the problem.

There is a reason why sexual segregation was phased out 50 years ago, so I don't understand why we are looking at winding the clock back and unravelling all the progress that we have made in equality.

The examples of sexual segregation that the NSW government have used are from countries where the separation of men and women already exists due to religion.

To name countries such as Iran, UAE and Indonesia as countries where this model has worked, only tells me that this is a smoke screen idea without any real substance.

In Sydney there are already safe carriages that are next to the guard's compartment, so I don't understand the point of segregating commuters.

There are signs all over the station and carriage that tell you to travel within these carriages at night, and as someone who frequently travelled on these trains for years, the large majority of commuters act respectfully.

As for the bright pink parking spaces in Perth, this will only send a message to men that women are self-conceited, and that will do more harm than good.

The bottom line is that this idea of segregation will not deter crimes against women; harsher sentencing of sexual predators may be a better solution.

Do you think the pink parking is a good idea or not? Tell us below. 

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