Push for new health board as candidates weigh in on hospital

MARYBOROUGH candidates were asked about their plans for Maryborough Hospital and what health services they would fight for if elected at the upcoming state election.

LNP candidate Denis Chapman

I would like to see our local hospitals being used to their maximum with a full range of specialities available.

Our district has a population in excess of 100,000 people.

It is up to the State Government to arrange for the provision of specialists to cater for the wide range of illnesses and convalescence and not have people having to travel to Bundaberg, Gympie, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane for treatment.

My commitment as the LNP Member for Maryborough will be to make sure that our hospitals are correctly staffed and used to the best effect for the people of Maryborough.

The Palaszczuk Government was all very good at building fancy buildings but didn't have a clue on how to manage them.

In Maryborough we have an excellent ward where not a patient has been treated. The only place in the hospitals I want to see empty is the waiting room.

"I will get to the bottom of this situation, as I am unhappy with the administration of the Wide Bay Health Board centred in Bundaberg.

I would like to see a Fraser Coast Health Board that can concentrate on the administration of Health Services in the Fraser Coast.

He said that he was amazed with the number and variety of people who told him of their negative experiences at the two hospitals locally.

While there are those who have had excellent care and great outcomes, there are many who just seem to have been wiped aside and even though they have presented with conditions that could not have been dealt with at a GP's clinic, they have been told to take a panadol and go home.

This is not good enough.

I will concede that there may be some who just play the system but the majority who have approached me are clearly people who have been ignored.

As the elected member I will be closely examining all such complaints and getting to the bottom of the cause.

The LNP has committed to funding $300 million to get the disastrous surgery waiting lists under control.

As your member, I will be making very sure that adequate amount of those funds will be spent in this district to make sure that people awaiting surgery will be catered for as soon as possible.

ALP candidate Bruce Saunders

Under the Labor State Government, a CT scanner has been installed at Maryborough Hospital, the pathology unit has been restored and the emergency department has been upgraded.

I have been talking to the Health Minister about increasing services at the emergency department.

With new industries coming to town, particularly manufacturing industries, the need is there.

I want to remove the old nurses' quarters from the hospital grounds and build a new medical facility, with more services.

I also want a new carpark built so people aren't parking on Walker St and can just walk up to the hospital - an undercover carpark.

The Level 5 hospital at Bundaberg will compliment Maryborough but will not mean fewer services here.

People will not have to be sent to the Sunshine Coast for treatment when the Bundaberg Hospital is ready.

Our plan for the hospital is powering ahead.

One Nation candidate Sharon Lohse

Investment in Maryborough Health must be prioritised to end the need for sick and retired locals to have treatment on the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg or Brisbane.

Our population is ageing and the medical needs therefore ever increasing, as more people move to Maryborough as a retirement area.

There is not adequate facilities for palliative care, as many locals have raised their concerns and difficulties experienced with another member of the family needs.

I have been listing to a local policeman in relation to drug associated crime and mental health-related incidents in the family environment.

I have heard how the perpetrators are being delivered to hospital for assessment and treatment, and they are being discharge so quickly, they beat them home.

We need a purpose built facility to address our rising drug addiction, and mental health support that is in crisis."


Every candidate standing for the Maryborough electorate was contacted for comment.

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