Plea to bikers intent on flirting with danger

OPINION: People who tailgate are a pet hate of mine.

The other day, however, I experienced something that made the usual frustration even worse.

It was a motorcyclist who obviously wanted to overtake me, despite the fact that I was doing the speed limit.

It would be bad enough to have to brake suddenly when a car is tailgating you, but when it's a motorcyclist, there is a whole new level of paranoia.

The person was wearing a helmet, but that was where being safety conscious had ended.

He was otherwise dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

When he finally got his chance to overtake, he flew down the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd.

We had just reached Scrub Hill but he was still doing more than 80kmh after we hit Boat Harbour Dr, where a red light near Eli Waters Shopping Centre finally pulled him up.

We often hear about how dangerous riding a motorcycle is; normally the focus of the message is directed at other road users, who are aggressively told to be aware of motorcyclists on the roads.

I have a very different message to share.

Quite often I see motorcyclists behave in a stupid manner, speeding recklessly, dangerously weaving their way through traffic or failing to wear safety gear.

My message is: get that great big chip off your shoulder and help yourself stay alive - don't just depend on other road users to do it for you.

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