Dan Veale, the
Dan Veale, the "original" Hervey Bay kite surfer, makes the most of the 25 knot winds to do some kite surfing beside the Urangan Pier. Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle Alistair Brightman

LETTER: Too many people are disrespecting the Urangan Pier

URANGAN Pier is one of Hervey Bay's most beautiful icons. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Local businesses rely on tourism for their livelihood which creates employment for locals.

Our resident State politician suggested, in the recent State election, we should encourage cruise ships to dock there. Luckily for us, previous generations realised it's potential and rallied against it's demolition.

I walk and enjoy the pier every week day. The changing tides and scenery are idyllic and on most days, breathtaking. We are fortunate to enjoy a wonderful all year climate.

Unfortunately not everyone who uses the pier respects or appreciates its heritage. It is slowly becoming a dumping ground for rubbish, empty drink bottles, fish and chip wrappings, and discarded fishing equipment.

Some fishermen don't seem to care about the gauntlet of bikes, bike trailers, fishing rods and boxes, discarded hooks and dead fish on the walking areas that I and other walkers have to navigate their way around every day. They don't realise, or care, that an elderly person can easily slip and break their hip on the small bait fish they catch and throw on to the walking areas.

The council has provided a number of areas for the fishermen to scale, gut and clean their fish yet they are rarely used. Anyone who walks to the end of the pier will quickly realise how disgusting the last 20 metres has become. The wooden sleepers stink and are black with fish blood and scales, surely this is a health hazard. They will then notice on the way back, fish bloodstains everywhere. It is a public disgrace and would seem the only time the wooden sleepers are cleaned is when it rains.

Watch this space, serious injury will eventually occur because of the fishermen's neglect. I am not saying all fishermen are irresponsible but as always, the actions of a few may eventually spoil the fun for the majority, this has happened so many times over the years.

I am sure the Fraser Coast Regional Council would have strong Work Health and Safety policies in place for it's employees which every employment organisation is compelled to do in this country. Surely they are responsible for the pier, its upkeep, cleanliness and the safety of all who use it.

The Council needs to patrol, control and monitor the area daily. Doing nothing will only lead to frustration, violence and unnecessary restrictions in the future.

Please, Council, do something about it now!



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