Abbott's pledge to repeal carbon tax rejected by the Senate

THE Abbott government's key election pledge to repeal the carbon tax has been rejected by the Senate.

A package of government legislation to repeal various parts of Labor's carbon tax was finally rejected by the Opposition and The Greens on Thursday.

Widely expected, the move prevents the government going ahead with a further repeal by re-introducing the bills in parliament for three months.

That would delay any repeal of Labor's carbon tax until late June, with the government likely to delay re-introduction until the new Senate first sits in July.

But the rejection also came as the government re-introduced its legislation to repeal the Clean Energy Finance Corporation; just over three months after the Senate first rejected that repeal.

If the Senate again rejects the government's bill to repeal the finance corporation, it could yet trigger a double dissolution, which would be the first in more than 25 years.

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