OPINION: Often little things inspire business confidence

OPINION: Last week Tim Powers, president of the Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce, wrote about Economic Development and confidence for people to look at this as a region to do business in.

This week, I would like to expand on these thoughts and bring into the mix collaboration.

Confidence is vitally important and often it is the little things such as opening the door for business, cleaning up the public spaces, making car parking a non-issue, which inspire confidence.

All these little things make the area somewhere people want to spend time, and when they spend time they invariably spend money.

I won't go into Fraser Coast Opportunities, but generally in the operational areas, the council has done what it can to make the region an area people want to explore and stay in and we can all do our part.

Local buy campaigns are a focused collaboration designed to get the consumer dollar in a region to continue to support the region.

There is a strategy called plugging the leaks which is all about minimising the dollars flowing out of a region.

Think about where you spend your dollars, both from a business perspective (if you own one) and a consumer perspective.

Most people's spending tends to go to national chain outlets.

These are convenient, but little of your spend outside of wages for staff is generally returned to the community you live in.

If we all shift our spending habits even a small amount, our shift will help plug the leaks and have a compounding effect on the local economy.

If everyone did this, then there would be money circulating through our local economy which opens up opportunities.

The council can do its part to boost confidence and encourage economic growth in our community, but we can all play our part as well.

If everyone diverted a little of their spend to locally instead of nationally (or internationally) then we as a community will increase our resilience, create jobs, boost confidence and create a stronger future for all.

- Adam Vieglais is the founder, FABsolutions and a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland

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