Police target NYE drunken violence

POLICE are warning that New Year’s Eve troublemakers will be under scrutiny and that “stupid, violent shenanigans” will not be tolerated.

Armed with additional State Government funding, officers in the Maryborough District will have ample resources to stamp out trouble.

This is what Operations Inspector Daryl Powell wants the public to know.

“Some of the additional funding I have will be used to safeguard the public,” Insp. Powell said.

“Police are gearing up for what will potentially be a very busy new year period.

“We will not tolerate stupid, violent shenanigans.”

He says he’s urging people to exercise “restraint, constraint and consideration of others” as they see in the new year.

“Drinking in public is an offence and one thing police will certainly be cracking down on is congregations of people wandering the streets willy-nilly drinking liquor.”

Police will use their discretion when it comes to alcohol offences and antisocial behaviour and the attitude of the offender will determine whether a caution is issued or more serious action taken.

“It goes without saying that anyone who wants to be obnoxious and violent will not be offered friendly advice by their local police officers and more coercive options will be expended,” Insp. Powell said. “We’re just urging people to celebrate with consideration for others.”

He also warned people to secure their property.

“This is notoriously a time when people lower their defences, leaving their windows and doors open – not just unlocked – and then they wonder why some lowlife has come in and helped themselves.”

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