Pregnant woman kicked in stomach

POLICE believe a pregnant Hervey Bay woman yesterday withdrew a complaint that her ex-partner kicked her in the stomach because she feared she would come under further attack from him.

Senior Constable Jeanette Grigoris told the court officers heard Jamie Arnold Skillen, who is in police custody, threaten the woman that he would assault her “as soon as he was released”.

The threat was allegedly made in the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday during a break in proceedings.

“Although the complainant wishes to not support prosecution, prosecution is still going to proceed without the help of the complainant,” Snr Const. Grigoris said.

“A triple-0 call made in relation to the complaint will be used as evidence.”

Besides the assault charge Skillen, a Scarness resident, is also facing charges of possessing drug-making equipment including a cooktop, chemicals and a syringe. He is further charged with burglary and assault.

He was refused bail by Magistrate Denis Beutel.

“There are allegations of him committing offences while on bail ... there is a disturbing continuance of assaults alleged.”

Defence lawyer Michael Riedel told the court his client strenuously denied assaulting his ex-partner and was “offended” by the accusation that he kicked her in the stomach.

Mr Riedel said Skillen was of the understanding the woman only made complaints because he had a new partner.

He denied ownership of the cooktop, chemicals and paraphernalia but acknowledged they were in his Scarness home.

He also told the court Skillen’s threats to his ex yesterday “weren’t serious”.

“It was in jest. He was just frustrated ... he’s spent the past three days in custody.”

Skillen will reappear in March.

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