OUR SAY: Pollies must back top cop's words on 'minorities'

THAT our top cop Superintendent Darryl Johnson has felt the need to urge tolerance towards minorities here in the wake of outbreaks of violence in Melbourne over the weekend, is indicative of the concern developing about the behaviour of some in our community.

Australia is an open and free society where everyone has the opportunity and access to forums, to express their opinions.

What those rights don't confer is a right to vilify or denigrate anyone on any basis, let alone those of colour, ethnicity or religion.

Superintendent Johnson has made abundantly clear there is no threat to public safety here. Yet there are those who continue to suggest otherwise, including the nonsense there is somehow a capacity for religion-based legal systems to run in parallel with Australian law.

Our politicians have an obligation to support the statements made by our top law official and condemn those whose intemperate language and cynical mis-representations have the capacity to incite others who are quicker to exercise their fists than engage their brains.

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