Is Capricornia and Flynn bold or bigoted? Poll results shock

CENTRAL Queensland's aspiring women, refugees, students, gays and indigenous people might be a little shaken by the results of a national poll released yesterday.

The two Federal electorates of Capricornia and Flynn yesterday featured heavily in the more strongly held views on a number of sensitive issues in the ABC's online poll Vote Compass.

The online poll had more than 900,000 responses from voters across Australia. Capricornia and Flynn were among the top 10 seats least in favour of recognising indigenous people as Australia's first inhabitants, against same sex marriage and against spending more money on foreign aid.

They also didn't want to see money spent on university students, Government intervention for women in senior positions and were the nation's firmest believers that asylum seeker boats should be sent back to where they came from.

For Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll, who was on business in the state capital yesterday, the poll results weren't surprising.

She said Capricornia and Flynn areas were conservative and the results reflected that.

She also said allocating positions of seniority should be based on skill not sex.

Ms Carroll had taken part in the online poll, which she was sceptical about at first. "Regardless of sex, people can achieve any role they wish to take up ... the only thing stopping people in CQ is their own desire to do so," she said.

While the actual number of CQ respondents was not known, the prominence of the two seats in many of the top 10 lists reflects strong participation.

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