Population increases in Fraser Coast

SINCE 2001, the Fraser Coast population has grown by an estimated 23,092 people.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released today showed a population growth of 31% on the Fraser Coast in between 2001 and 2011.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council area grew from an estimated 74,204 people to 97,296 people.

It was the sixth-highest growth rate across all local government areas in Queensland.

When broken down by electorate, the figures showed a 41% population growth in Hervey Bay over the past decade and a 22% growth in Maryborough.

The report also broke the figures down by statistical area and showed Woocoo and Tiaro recorded a 35.2% increase in population.

The two towns and their outlying areas grew from 5781 people to 7814 over the decade.

Pialba and Eli Waters were highlighted in the report as one of the strongest population growths in regional Queensland thanks to the extra 5500 people, a growth rate of 75%.

Craignish and Dundowran Beach almost doubled its population from 2299 people in 2001 to 4556 in 2011.

In Maryborough, Tinana recorded one of the highest growths with an extra 1151 people in the past decade.

It grew from 3800 people to 4951 at a rate of 30.3%.

Granville was the only statistical area across the Fraser Coast to drop in population.

It now has a population of 3243 in 2001 to 3217 in 2011 and has been falling since 2007.

The entire Wide Bay population grew by 47,000 people at a growth rate of more than 20%.

The report was compiled with figures from the 2011 census.

A breakdown of the Fraser Coast population by age and gender will be released later this month. Visit to see the full report.

Growth by statistical division

Hervey Bay grew from 35,392 people in 2001 to 49,948 in 2011. This was a growth of 14, 556 people.

Maryborough grew from 40,668 people in 2001 to 49,611 in 2011. This was a growth of 8943 people.

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