Piano teacher Elizabeth Smith is proud her pupils Laura, 5 (left) and Emma Williams, 7 have been accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.
Piano teacher Elizabeth Smith is proud her pupils Laura, 5 (left) and Emma Williams, 7 have been accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Boni Holmes

Practice pays off for pianists

PRACTICE will surely make perfect for Maryborough's sister pianists who have been accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium at Griffith University.

Emma and Laura Williams love to play the piano and aspire to be like both their teacher and mother.

Seven-year-old Emma said she had been playing for about three years.

"I enjoy it because I like the music - its sound is not too harsh and it's the right speed," Emma said.

"I play jazzy songs and also classical."

The young pianist said the auditions were good.

"I was asked questions and played a scale in D major and I also played two pieces.

"They asked me if I like piano and was I proud of my teacher."

Emma said her mother Hou played when she was little and encouraged her and her sister to learn piano.

Hou said she started playing when she was a child.

"I have always enjoyed playing but things got busy with school, uni and work so I stopped," Hou said.

"When I came to Australia I was working under Elizabeth and she encouraged me to continue to play.

"I had some spare time so I relearned."

Elizabeth Smith has been teaching piano since she was 15.

"I started as a T and scales lady in Hobart with my teacher - I was then 15 and have taught on and off since then.

"We had a very musical home - I absolutely loved it.

"I believe the piano is the gateway to other instruments - I played the cello, played with the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra."

Elizabeth said she had known Hou for nine years.

"Hou did her grade six exam this year and had achieved some excellent results.

"Emma has done grade 3 and Laura is doing grade 1 and both received high distinctions.

"Emma also received a high distinction when she finished grade 1."

The piano teacher said the girls have also done really well at the last couple of eisteddfods.

"Laura won first place for six and under and Emma won the Australian Composer for 12 years and under when she was six.

"They went into the Queensland competition in Brisbane, very exclusive and received three highly commended - nine and under they were for their duet."

Ms Smith said she was very proud of them.

"They love it and they practice - it is not problem if I say, look that's not quite right.

"The conservatorium will be an extension for them to work with another teacher.

"They will have all sorts of extension work that they're not doing at the moment.

"With me we have concentrated on the AMEB exams and that is what their mother and father wanted and I what I probably do best.

"They will be able to go to more eisteddfods, more competitions south of Brisbane."

Proud mum said they would receive expert guidance from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University's experienced teaching faculty.

"They will be inspired by the great minds," Hou said.

"To use the music is a way to grow the mind, train the mind, become a better themselves rather than they have to be in music or be a concerto pianist or music teacher.

"Hopefully with music they become a better person, learn discipline, not give up, perseverance and entertain other people and themselves."