LETTER: Preserve Maryborough's footpath pavers

LETTER TO EDITOR: The details re the $3.2 million expenditure in the Maryborough CBD are to be announced this Friday, as our council and administration head for a PR disaster of Niagara Falls proportions.

The message is straight- forward - please preserve the pavers and consider putting some of the savings into the magnificent mural project.

As a former Tasmanian, I cannot speak too highly of how Sheffield was, and continues to be, enriched.

Not to mention our need for a start on serious, proven, HESCO flood-mitigation planning.

Mr Mayor, why cannot all of the pavers be cleaned and replaced after some are temporarily removed for underground services to be attended to? And so cut down the time that our traders will be disadvantaged?

Experienced 'tradies' tell me that recycling the pavers will be labour-intensive, and so prove very time-consuming and expensive.

Or must some of our traders 'go to the wall', as happened in Main St, late last year, and detailed in this paper?

If pebble aggregate has to be poured in our CBD, then Mr O'Connell, please redirect this material to Bazaar St, to rectify the appalling condition of its footpaths. Between Wharf and Kent streets but mainly from Kent to Ellena streets, where years of neglect and underground work have left a disgraceful legacy of broken surfaces - compare the versatility of pavers.

Finally, Mr Mayor, even community politics requires the exercise of compassion and compromise - why cannot you and your fellow councillors provide a generous amount of each and show some willingness to genuinely care for our challenged city at this time ?

If this spend is a cynical exercise to justify even greater projects in Hervey Bay, then we electors will take due note.

We need your kind reconsideration, now - not until just before you all stand for re-election.

- Kevin C Kingswell, Maryborough

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