Cancer sufferer sentenced to 9 months jail for drug supply

A MAN suffering a potentially fatal kidney cancer has been sentenced to nine months jail for getting drugs passed to a friend while they were both in Maryborough prison.

Christopher James Blackburn, 31, who was in jail for trying to throw ice and amphetamines into the facility, pleaded guilty to supplying drugs while in the correctional centre.

The court heard Blackburn, with the help of his brother and two other people, arranged for a 17-year-old to pass the heroin substitute to a friend in prison on September 6 when she was caught.

Crown prosecutor Susan Hedge said Blackburn arranged for the drugs to be sent in to the prison for his own personal use.

"He was desperate for the drugs," she said.

Defence barrister Paul Rutledge said Blackburn, who has two children, had arranged to take part in an intensive drug rehabilitation program when he was released from prison.

"He has had a drug problem since he was a child of about 13," he said.

Mr Rutledge said Blackburn was also suffering from a rare cancer relating to the kidneys and it was not clear if the disease would be fatal.

Blackburn had not been allowed to participate in a drug program in prison.

Blackburn had originally had a parole eligibility date in July this year but that had been denied due to the supply charges.

Judge Michael Noud sentenced Blackburn to nine months prison, eligible for parole on January 28.

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