KYRA Lollback, 19, finished school last year and says working 15 hours a week for the dole may see more young people taking unstable paying jobs rather than taking the time to form sustainable career paths.

"I think it is going to be really difficult to do because Hervey Bay is not really a place where you can go and get work that easy," she said.

"If I'm just looking at work that is easy to get and working 15 hours a week (it) would take time away from looking into a solid career path and looking into doing degrees."

Ben Moreland, 19, is looking for work after his job at a boat yard in Maryborough ended.

He said he would be happy to work for the dole as it would allow him to gain necessary work experience.

"It would give you good work experience so you could get a better job later on," Ben said.

He said it would also be a benefit to other people in his situation who were looking for work but were not sure what they wanted to do as a future career.

There was a mixed reaction on the Chronicle's Facebook page to the Work for the Dole scheme.

Belinda Norval said it was a brilliant idea, because it might create "new and exciting opportunities for the long term unemployed."

Kath Clague Youman agreed, saying it would teach a good work ethic.

Tracie Eggleton Cowey had reservations, saying the theory was sound, but it might mean fewer paid jobs.

"Employers are not going to pay award wages and holidays if they can have a cheap subsidised work for the (dole) employee."

Several former work-for-dole participants questioned its value.

"I did work for the dole three times, and still got no beneficial skills. A total waste of time," Micheal Bentele wrote.

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