Rain rolls in from west

FRASER Island has been saving the Fraser Coast mainland from ghastly weather for thousands of years but yesterday it let us down.

The bucketing down on Hervey Bay and Maryborough over the past 36 hours or so came from the west instead of from the south-east so the island was unable to buffer us from the drenching.

“I got 55mm between 9am on Monday to 8am today,” Tinana resident Alan Betteridge said yesterday.

Overall the region recorded rainfall yesterday of between 25 to 100mm, with dams and swimming pools overflowing.

“It’s the monsoon low pressure system that developed in the Northern Territory on February 22, which has travelled into Qld,” a Bureau of Meteorology weather forecaster said yesterday.

“Normally you get south-east trade winds and Fraser Island blocks these from you.

“Another low may be developing near the island and depending where this eventuates Fraser Island may help shield you.”

Hervey Bay Boat Club president George Duck said he had moved to Hervey Bay largely because we have no swell here.

“When a northerly blows in you do get some wind but it hardly creates a swell so it’s perfect for boating and fishing.”

Mr Duck said Fraser Island buffered us from rain a great deal of the year because the rainfall over the island could be up to three times greater than in Hervey Bay.

Last year’s median rainfall at Sandy Cape on the island was 1233.2mm. In Hervey Bay 1005.2mm was recorded.

“The island also produces a funnel effect between it and the mainland so that it takes the brunt of cyclones too.”

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