Man accused of raping young girl

A MAN accused of raping his girlfriend's younger sister during a camping trip on Round Island will face the Hervey Bay District Court for day two of his trial today.

The 26-year-old Hervey Bay man was charged following an incident in early 2009 when he allegedly entered a tent where the 17-year-old girl was sleeping and raped her.

Yesterday morning Crown Prosecutor Caroline Marco outlined the evidence she would use to aid the jury in deciding whether or not the man was guilty.

She told jurors she was sure they would hear varying accounts of the events that took place on the camping trip and urged them to keep an “open mind”.

She also explained that many people had the misconception that victims of rape were always put through “violent and protracted episodes” but that the actual definition was if penetration occurred without consent.

Ms Marco said the prosecution would rely heavily on the results of a medical examination on the complainant which resulted in the defendant being charged with rape.

The examination took place at the Hervey Bay Hospital the morning after the complainant and the group she was camping with, returned to the mainland.

The court heard the complainant was on the camping trip with her older sister who was in a relationship with the defendant, a couple with a child and her own boyfriend.

She allegedly woke in the tent about two hours after going to sleep to find the defendant penetrating her.

The complainant allegedly hesitated for a moment, as she thought the man on top of her was her boyfriend.

It is alleged she realised it wasn't her boyfriend, and pushed him away.

The court was closed for much of the morning and afternoon while witnesses, including the complainant were cross-examined.

The trial continues.

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