Jury begins deliberating on M'boro child rape case

BARRISTERS have given their final arguments in the trial of a Maryborough father accused of repeatedly raping his eight-year-old daughter.

The jury began deliberating on the verdict early on Thursday afternoon and will continue on Friday morning.

The 46-year-old man is charged with four counts of forcing his daughter to perform oral sex on him on two separate days in 2012.

In the Maryborough District Court, Defence barrister Neville Weston told the jury the alleged victim's evidence was very short, inconsistent and unsatisfactory.

"In the space of the police interview (the alleged victim) has said two things that cannot be true," he said.

Mr Weston said the girl was unhappy in a home that did not appear to be a place where children were brought up appropriately, and appeared to be prepared to say anything to get away from constant arguing between her parents.

He said the evidence given by the alleged victim was inconsistent with the evidence from her best friend that detailed what the victim told her in class at school.

Mr Weston said the girl also contradicted the admission the rapes only happened on two days and only involved oral sex.

He said it suggested the alleged victim was capable of making up the allegations, and did not understand the seriousness of what she told police.

Crown prosecutor Sam Bain said the girl, who was 9 when she gave evidence, was a reliable and honest witness.

He said it would have been impossible for a young girl to describe the alleged incidents with detail unless she had lived the experience.

Mr Bain said the girl's pattern of disclosing the allegations, first to her mother and then to friends, did not show any motive to stop her parents fighting by making it up.

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