Rapist gets seven years

A MAN who repeatedly raped a friend received a seven-year sentence yesterday for his crimes - a year for each of the charges to which he pleaded guilty.

David Hutchison, 68, said he did not remember anything from the night of January 2 this year after a drinking binge, but his victim will remember it for the rest of her life.

Maryborough District Court heard Hutchison showed up drunk, following eight hours of drinking whisky, to the house of a long-time friend.

She let him inside and the nightmare began.

Over the following two hours, Hutchison orally and digitally raped the woman and threatened her with violence if she did not comply with sick, demeaning acts.

"He wasn't going to leave until she did what he wanted," said Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis.

Mr Wallis said the woman's rejection of Hutchison's sexual advances meant nothing to the offender.

"I'm going to have you no matter what," were his words on the night, Mr Wallis said.

"It was serious sexual offending punctuated by violence and threats."

The next day, the victim went straight to the police, who soon apprehended Hutchison along with collecting DNA evidence.

Defence barrister James Benjamin said his client "cannot comprehend why he did this".

Hutchison "couldn't remember a thing...but never disputed what the claimant said," Mr Benjamin said.

He said his client was truly remorseful, and had intended to plead guilty from the moment he was charged, in spite of having no memory of the incident.

He said Hutchison wanted to apologise to the woman.

Judge Hugh Botting said the sentence of seven years was chosen "to reflect the enormity of the offence".

To reflect Hutchison's co-operation with the course of justice and the remorse he showed, however, Judge Botting fixed a parole eligibility date of January 3. 2014.

Judge Botting said the breach of trust was an important element of the case after the victim welcomed Hutchison into her home.

A heavy-set man with short grey hair, Hutchison sat still and silent throughout his sentencing.

Mr Benjamin told the court Hutchison was also undergoing medical testing for a suspected case of prostate cancer.

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