Ratepayers: anti-bullying workshops a waste of money

CHRONICLE readers have had their say on Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft's proposed strategies for a "rebuild of council", with most saying it's a waste of money. 

Releasing a statement through his Facebook page, Cr Loft said the council was "ready for a new beginning" as they planned to "rebuild our council and empower nearly 700 staff to innovate, share their ideas and truly serve their community in the best way possible".

We did a shout-out on Facebook asking readers what do you think about these strategies?


Robin Anne Fairleigh suggested councillors undertake a budgeting workshop instead. 

"Too much money wasted on things as it is. You had your team building exercise outside our area wasting money when you came to council," she said. 

Karen McClelland said considering the horrendous report submitted to parliament on the toxic environment and bullying, it would be negligent of Mayor Loft not to address this issue.

Maryborough's Warren Bates said the council hasn't done anything good in Maryborough since the late 50s and early 60s.

"Why? The council was full of business owners back then and they had a vested interest in Maryborough," he said.

"They wanted to see it grow and prosper. Just my opinion. Amalgamation hasn't helped either."

David John Burns is looking forward to the next election. 

Kathryn Simeon believes the money should be spent on things more important.

"Grow up or sack the lot of them! Get on with the job!"

Alex York thinks it's a waste of rate-payers money.

"If these "adults" cant figure out what bullying and not bullying is, how can they run a chook raffle, let alone a council," Alex said. 

Have your say and join the discussion below. 

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