Our rates have been on the rise since 2008

RATES have risen every year since Hervey Bay, Maryborough and smaller community councils were amalgamated in 2008.

In the first budget following the merge, a rate increase of 4.59% was delivered in the Mick Kruger-led council in June 2008.

In the following years from 2009 through to Mr Kruger's final budget in 2011, rates increased 4.3%, 6.35% and 5.57%.

With the Fraser Coast Regional Council governing the region after amalgamation, Gerard O'Connell was appointed to the top job.

In 2012 Cr O'Connell and the seven fresh-faced councillors promised progressive and positive growth.

Their first budget delivered only months after taking their seats following the election saw the council raise the minimum general rate by 4.52%.

In the second-largest rise since amalgamation, 2013 saw the council endorse a rate rise of 5.95%.

With a fractured group in 2014, councillors Chris Loft, Rolf Light and James Hansen voted against that year's rate increase of 2.98%.

The final budget in this council was handed down in Maryborough in June last year.

It was a record with rates kept at 2.5%, the lowest ever, and $55 million being spent on infrastructure, the most ever.

Rural councillor James Hansen was the only councillor to vote against the budget due to the allocation of $10 million toward the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct.

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