Readers react to croc spotted on Fraser Island

THE story we shared about a crocodile being spotted near the beach on the western side of Fraser Island by a group of people fishing has created conversation on Facebook.

The incident happened on February 12, but wasn't reported to the department until February 14.

The spokesman said the sighting happened close to Wathumba Rd.

The anglers were fishing near the mouth of ac creek when they spotted the croc.

Mark Ottery: "Everyone has phones but yet still no photos."

Edward Ohlrich: "I've heard there are crocs at Wuthumba."

Jonathan Leslie: "Just don't swim near floating logs."

Ian Frewen: "That's where we were fishing and people swimming."

Mandy Gardiner: "Wayne Butterworth be careful."

Russell Waldock: "Peter Horne cant wait to go spearing?"

Bonita O'Brien: "Maria Heaven now I have to look out for dingos and crocodiles."

Dan Van Velthuizen: "I'll tell Ossie!"

"His eyes will light up."

Dana Woolgar-Orovec: "Yep...probs from Mingo Gaylea Pocock."

Gaylea Pocock: "Wonder if it had sunnies on."

Catherine Cooke: "Christine Mills get your Steve Irwin clothes ready, you might get a roll while you are there."

Sean Lenehan: "Crikey! As long as it stays away from our camp."

Kathryn Maree: "We'll be fine, nothing like a bit of adventure and livin' on the edge while camping."

Under the current Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, any crocodiles found south of the Boyne River in Gladstone are considered to be in Zone F - Atypical habitat and are automatically targeted for removal by DES.

Police, rangers are monitoring Fraser Island

premium_icon Police, rangers are monitoring Fraser Island

People are encouraged to report any negative dingo encounters

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