POLL: Readers say a big fat no to GST hike

THE Prime Minister may want support for an increase in the GST, but our Facebook community don't think it's fair. 

While one reader suggested we follow New Zealand's lead, most were against the idea. 

Sharon Hodge is against the idea and would also like to see the tax taken off sanitary items. 

Are you in support of the GST hike?

This poll ended on 04 November 2015.

Current Results

Yes, I think it is the best way to cut the county's debt


Yes, but not to 15%


No way, we pay enough in taxes as it is




This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Christine Hogan: "In it's original context, the GST was introduced with the promise that all government stamp duty would be abolished...never happened...so why should we believe them now??? As to tax breaks, many low income earners, pensioners and Centrelink recipients are below the threshold to pay any tax at present anyhow so how will these cuts benefit them??

Suey Mac: "Raising the GST is the easy 'no-brainer' - they should look at more equitable and fairer methods of revenue raising first - like reining in political entitlements, massive wage inequality (there is massive disparity between the rank and file workers and the CEO's), and huge multinational corporations who do plenty of business in Australia paying little or no tax on those earnings."

Mark Abbott: "No. Tax the multi-nationals and offshore Australian corporations."

Narine Booth: "Do the same as New Zealand it's worked out for them."

Veronica Copeland: "We getting nothing for our dollar now so is starvation the next step?"

Vicki Elizabeth Avcin: "Need to let the STATE Gov's know that they don't agree. Cant do it unless all states agree. And Victoria has said definitely not."

Sharon Hodge: "No and take gst off tampons and products!"

Millisa Solly: "Ummmm no!"

Geoffrey Thornton: "No Tax big business, take away pol entitlements."

Steve Atkinson: "My clients will not be impressed, alas it will even out in the long run just like fuel prices."

Peter Doré: "Australia continues to borrow and social costs continue to rise. Money doesn't come free."
What is an achievable alternative?

Sarah Sandra: "They can put it up to 15% as long as no one pays tax."

Craig Everett: "No, hundreds of thousands of people can't afford the cost of living now."

Hayden MacGregor: "Shouldn't even be GST everything is dare enough."

Mark Micklewright: "No and no." 

Mike Duce: "Yes but let's look at reducing personal tax rates and abolish stamp duty."

Tania Bell: "I wish there was a dislike button."

Warren Bates: "Why as high as 15%/ Greedy buggers."

Nigel Youngman: "Why don't they tax mines more?"


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