The cheating scandal that rocked MAFS.
The cheating scandal that rocked MAFS.

REALITY TV: It would seem romance is well and truly dead

OPINION: On Tuesday night as I entered the fourth hour of my reality TV binge, it occurred to me that romance is well and truly dead.

I don't say this lightly.

I'm one of the few people who watches Married at First Sight and The Bachelor for something other than the drama.

I like to see people fall in love, it's a nice change to seeing the ugliness of the world, and each year I watch hoping that we'll see some real connections.

Unfortunately I'm becoming more and more cynical and Tuesday night did nothing to change that.

Before I'd even turned on the latest episode of MAFS, I was engrossed in Unreal, a show anyone who watches reality television should check out.

Unreal is a dramedy about how these shows are constructed, how editing manipulates the viewing public and the storyline and how producers inject themselves to ensure there will be "drama".

Have you ever wondered how Davina got Dean's number to cause this season's MAFS cheating scandal?
Chances are it was a cunning producer, trying to ensure a few extra rating and succeeding admirably.

of course like most people I don't think everything can be blamed on editing or producers and the boy's night left me feeling sick to my stomach.

Several of the men, including Dean who you'd think would be a bit wiser now, talked about "wife swapping", essentially treating the women they were meant to be forming connections with like sheep or cattle.

There was only one voice of reason who really spoke out on the night - Patrick, who clearly disagreed with how low-brow the conversation was getting.

It was so disheartening to see men that I honestly think should have known better - in particular John and Telv, sit there instead of trying to shut the conversation down.

Maybe they did and It was edited out. That's the thing about reality TV - you never really know.

After watching the steaming turd that was the boy's night, I then turned over to the three hour finale of The Bachelor.

It's the 22nd season of the hit American television program and I haven't watched most of them.

I prefer the Australian version, but I'd been hearing about the horror of this particular finale all day, so my curiosity was ell and truly piqued.

You see, our bachelor, Arie, after proposing to his Becca K at the conclusion of the season in Peru, had done something rather shocking.

He decided he was actually in love with the runner up, Lauren B, who of course he had left heartbroken.

What ensued was possibly the hardest half hour of television I have ever watched, outside of medical procedures.

Before he told Becca, Arie told just about everyone else on The Bachelor.

Then he decided it would be appropriate to film the break up as it happened.

Let's just say Becca was a lot more dignified than I would have been at that moment.

So after a three hour finale at first filled with love and joy then pain and disaster, you'd think it would be all over.

But no. There's a further two hour sequel that reunites Arie, Lauren and Becca set to go to air tonight.

Look, maybe Arie and Lauren will go on to live happily ever after and I hope they do.

I have absolutely no doubt at all Becca will find someone worthy of her.

But reality television is at times a vicious beast and although these shows pretend to offer love and romance, I'm no longer convinced.

And as a woman, it's hard to watch when it seems we're the ones constantly getting hut and humiliated.