FOR proud mother of four red-headed daughters Emma Ward, embracing her own fiery locks was a 30 year process.

But raising daughters only too proud to flaunt their unique feature, beauty and passionate personality to match is now all Emma sees when she looks at seven-year-old Honey, Evie (nine), Isabelle (13) and Shelby (15).

Sharing a sentiment as sweet as her name, Honey has nothing but love for her pin-straight locks.

"I love my red hair, because there are not many other people with it. It's my special red hair," she said with a cheeky grin.

"People always play with it."

The global "ginger" movement has gained momentum since the Dutch hosted their first ginger pride rally in 2005 and Australia's red-headed population jumped on board at the weekend, gathering for Melbourne's inaugural Ginger Pride March on Saturday.

Organised by RANGA (Redheads & Nearly Ginger Association) and Buderim Ginger, the event aimed to raise awareness to bullying against the red-headed population.

Emma said she has noticed this positive shift in attitude from the general public towards gingers since her younger years and she now enjoyed being a part of the "secret club".

"In high school, children will find a reason to pick on you... I was bullied for my red hair," she said.

"I suffered self-esteem issues... now I have children all with red hair, I am on the other side.

"As a student you learn to be individual and unique... and they (her daughters) wear their red hair with pride, it's their uniqueness."

But living in ever-sunny Queensland is not without its pitfalls and Emma said although her mother and fellow red head Glenda Chippendale would have loved to chat with The Morning Bulletin, she was busy treating sunspots - which were par-for-the-course alongside freckles and sunburn.

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