'Red tape stops justice'

A MARYBOROUGH woman who watched roaming dogs kill her pets before bureaucratic muddle helped them escape punishment has spoken out.

The woman, Cheryl Powell, said she decided to share her experience after reading about a recent incident in Wondunna where two canines strayed into a suburban backyard and butchered a dog, cat and five chickens.

The murdering dogs are still locked away in a council pound while compliance officers wade through a pile of red tape and try to bring the attackers to justice.

Cheryl Powell said she endured a similarly traumatic experience a few years ago when a pair of unregistered dogs wandered into her property.

She said the two killed a rooster on their first visit, and chickens on numerous occasions after that until there was nothing left.

Ms Powell said she locked the canines in the coup after catching them slaughtering the last of her chickens. She then took photographs and called dog catchers.

"(The council officer) said because there was no chook in the dog's mouths my photos were no good," Ms Powell said.

She said her own personal experiences told her once a dog tasted blood it would continue to lust for it.

"I 100% believe that (once a dog tastes blood) it will kill again, and everyone I have spoken to who knows a little about it says that," she said.

"What's it going to take to get somebody to do something? Something bad always has to happen before they get up and do something."

Ms Powell said she was not speaking out to point the finger of blame at council but rather to highlight how red tape stops justice being delivered.

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