Diane Nitschinsk shows the ghostly footprints that appeared in her beauty shop in Maryborough on Tuesday.
Diane Nitschinsk shows the ghostly footprints that appeared in her beauty shop in Maryborough on Tuesday. Jocelyn Watts

Ghostly impressions at clinic

IF A GHOST were to appear in a business in Maryborough where would you expect it to be?

The Xtreme Rejuvenation Clinic in Adelaide Street sounds like the right kind of place.

And that's exactly where Diane Nitschinsk and her staff encountered a spooky moment this week when they noticed mysterious footprints on a freshly mopped floor.

Cassandra MacKellar had just mopped the floor of the shop's main area and moved to another room when she heard “a funny noise” behind her.

“I was next door at the time,” Ms Nitschinsk said.

“Cassandra came back and saw the footprints with clay residue where she'd just mopped.

“No one was there. The front door has a bell and it didn't make a sound. She was really freaked out and wouldn't go back out there.”

The ghostly impressions did not lead from the front door. They appeared to come from a cellar door that could not be moved because a heavy beautician's table was directly above it.

Ms Nitschinsk said the building was once home to a hotel that stored alcohol in its cellar, surrounded by yellow clay.

“Eliza's Eatery next door has had some plumbing done recently so downstairs has been disturbed.”

Unexplained happenings at the clinic are not uncommon.

“A medium came in once and told us there was a female presence here. We call her Arabelle,” Ms Nitschinsk said.

“We think she's a girl too because she likes pretty things.

“A hand-held mirror that was placed next to the cash register went missing and returned to the same spot three days later.

“We've also had facial bowls and tweezers disappear for a week, then reappear where they were.

“The lid of a jar has also mysteriously flown into the air and landed with a bang on the floor.”

Ms Nitschinsk said a staff member had also reported seeing a misty white figure in a doorway some years ago.

The clinic's other neighbour, Claudia Davidson from Cores Lucky Black Cat Casket Agency, said an eerie connection existed between the original Core family and the appearance of the unexplained footprints this week.

“Some of the younger family members (from out of town) dropped in a few weeks ago and were asking about the shop's history. They talked of an unconfirmed family legend that said a female relative had disappeared and was believed to be buried under the slab.”

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