Resident fined for parking outside his own home

A BUNDABERG man is outraged after he was fined for parking outside his home.

Alex Johnson parked his car on the nature strip in the opposite direction of traffic.

After discovering a police issued fine on his windscreen, he took to the NewsMail's Facebook page to voice his concern.

"I just wanted to share with you the fact that I received a parking ticket directly outside my home, which is located on a quiet suburban street. I was parked on the nature strip, but facing in the wrong direction," Mr Johnson said.

The man attached a picture to illustrate how "utterly ridiculous" the situation was.

Mr Johnson's post ignited debate about the rules on the correct way to park with more than 100 members sharing their views on the page.

But Road Policing Unit senior constable Aaron Johnson set the law straight.

"If you're parking on the side of the road, you must park in the same direction that the traffic flows for that park of the road," he said.

He said motorists who failed to obey the rule could cop a $44 fine.

"When people park in the opposite direction, you're failing to keep to the left of the centre of the road (when your turn in)," he said.

"Go up the street, turn around and park outside your house."

But it's not just parking against the flow of traffic that could see you fined.

Snr Const Johnson said motorists who parked on the nature strip were also liable.

"From the boundary of the front of your property to the gutter is considered the nature strip - and you can't park there," he said.

Parking on the nature strip is also a $44 fine.

The NewsMail asked if a car had two wheels up on the nature strip - if they too could be fined.

The Road Policing Unit said "common sense would prevail" and they would "probably" turn a blind eye - but it was up to the discretion of the individual police officer.

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