AN ENGINEER'S report has exposed the fragility of a Urangan seawall which could put hundreds of resort residents at risk in extreme weather.

But the situation is unlikely to be resolved any time soon, with the resort owner and the State Government locked in negotiations over what should be done.

The report, commissioned by residents at Great Sandy Straits Marina Resort, found rock wall on the beach side of the complex was non-compliant.

"It was determined that the rock armouring is undersized, with the eastern end of the revetment armour being generally smaller than the western end," the report reads.

"The assessment showed the structure does not comply with the 2003 Coastal Engineering Solutions 2002 design."

Rockwall in front of the Great Sandy Straits Marina Resort - Ray Maxwell (sec. tenants assoc.)
Rockwall in front of the Great Sandy Straits Marina Resort - Ray Maxwell (sec. tenants assoc.) Alistair Brightman

Ray Maxwell, who has lived at the resort for about 16 years, said he feared for the safety of more than 140 residents.

Mr Maxwell said the ground-floor units risked being inundated in extreme weather.

"The wall is deficient in design and construction, and it doesn't provide the proper standard of protection for residential properties," he said.

"In other words, if we're exposed to any major storm event it could go over the wall and cause a lot of damage to properties."

Similar findings have been made on a board-walk between the resort and adjoining marina, which has been closed for three years.

The resort was completed in 2003.

Agreedto Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Mantra Group, leases the land on a perpetual arrangement.

Mr Maxwell said the seawall has been non- compliant with design standards since it was built.

He and other residents in the resort contacted the engineer after being directed to do so by Mantra Group.

With the results, the residents are waiting on responses from both the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Mantra Group.

"One thing is certain from design standards, large waves will crash through the units," Mr Maxwell said.

"It's not a practical solution, we need something done about it."

A DNRME spokesman said the department was "well aware" of the problems with the seawall and was reviewing an engineering report into its condition.

"The department has actively sought an update from the lessee on the status of the board-walk, and is following up to confirm the conditions of the lease are being complied with," the spokesman said.

"Under the conditions of the lease, the lessee is responsible for the board- walk, seawall and compliance in relation to improvements on the lease."

Mantra Group has until March to report back to the department on its plans for complying with the lease conditions.

A spokeswoman from Agreedto said the company was determined to reach a cost-effective and equitable solution.

Their full response is below:

We confirm Agreedto Pty Ltd is a party to a perpetual lease with the Queensland State Government in respect of the land known as Great Sandy Straits Marina Resort ("GSSMR"). There are circa 350 Subtenants and interested parties in respect of the perpetual lease.

Agreedto has been working with the Subtenants and the Queensland State Government for some time (at the request of a number of Subtenants), to convert the GSSMR leasehold land to freehold land. Given the number of interested parties at GSSMR, actioning a freeholding process is complex.

The various matters pertaining to the Boardwalk and Seawall have formed a part of the freeholding discussions. Given the cost implications of freeholding and/or works to the Boardwalk and Seawall (if any are found to be required) on the Subtenants, Agreedto has been working with relevant parties to find the most cost-effective and equitable solution.

Various proposals in respect of the Boardwalk have been put forward by the Subtenants and also Agreedto and are continuing to be considered.

Given the leasing structure at GSSMR and the cost implications on the Subtenants under the leasehold structure, Agreedto is looking to find the most appropriate and cost-effective resolution to the Boardwalk and possibly the Seawall issue.

Agreedto remains determined to reach a cost effective and equitable solution for the Subtenants and interested parties.

A party acting on behalf of some of the Subtenants commissioned a report on the Seawall and that report is being considered by Agreedto with further advice being sought from qualified consultants. We will observe and fulfil all of our responsibilities to the subtenants and under the perpetual lease. Agreedto cannot comment further until such considerations are completed.

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