Return to politics for Maddern after defeating Truscott

ANNE Maddern's political career has been re-born with the former Maryborough MP winning division two of the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Declared winner over incumbent councillor Phil Truscott by 82 votes, Ms Maddern said she would get straight down to business.

"I'm starting this morning," she said.

"I have read through the Local Government act and regulations and standing orders but I'd like to go back and review."

Ms Maddern is also building a spreadsheet of issues constituents raised during the election campaign; promising to prioritise and act on them.

 "I suppose it's my bucket list," she said.

Remaining confident through the campaign, Mr Truscott was "surprised and disappointed" to lose.

"When I saw the trending I thought the preferences would help me - but they didn't not as much as I thought," he said.

"That's the way it goes - it's disappointing.

"Close enough is not good enough."

Mr Truscott said his highlights included growing the art and culture in the Fraser Coast.

"In my portfolio Maryborough especially has gone ahead leaps and bounds," he said.

"Gatakers by Night, Sunday Riverside - they're magical."

Mr Truscott was also proud of the infrastructure provided in his community.

"We spent more money in my division than ever in history," he said.

He will now take some time off and "return to the financial world".

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