Laurence Bonaventura has floated the possibility that the council's decision to remove fluoride from the Mackay region's water supply could be reversed.
Laurence Bonaventura has floated the possibility that the council's decision to remove fluoride from the Mackay region's water supply could be reversed. Chris Lees

Reversing fluoride decision 'not a difficult thing'

A MACKAY region councillor has not ruled out the possibility a council decision to strip fluoride from the region's water may be challenged in hopes of reversal.

When asked if the five councillors who voted against the removal of fluoride planned to move a rescission motion at an upcoming meeting, Cr Laurence Bonaventura said, "That's too far away and I won't enter into that at this stage".

"But it would be public pressure that would create that. If the public pressure was there it would indicate to other councillors that possibly they should be looking at reversing the decision," he said.

"I would like to think the public does become quite vocal, those with young children and young families.

"The next generation, they couldn't vote, they couldn't take part in any phone poll, but they're the ones who are going to suffer with the lack of fluoride in the water.

"Any decision can be reversed. There's no reason that decision can't be reversed. Simply, a motion to council (would need to be passed) for those that want to reinstate fluoridation into Mackay's water system is all that is required, and the staff would act on doing that.

"It's not a difficult thing. Not difficult at all."

The five councillors who voted against removing fluoride - Ross Walker, Martin Bella, Kevin Casey, Ross Gee and Cr Bonaventura - would need the support of one more councillor for a rescission motion to pass 6-5.

Cr Bonaventura was also asked whether the division in council after the fluoride vote would affect relationships between councillors in the future, but he remained quiet, offering "no comment".

He said didn't believe the majority of Mackay residents wanted fluoride removed, despite indicative phone and website polling results.

Should council reverse their fluoride decision?

This poll ended on 05 October 2016.

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Cr Bonaventura wouldn't indicate whether the fluoride decision came as a surprise to him and his four like-minded council colleagues.

"Councillors are all individual and they had to choose how they wanted to vote and the results were apparent - that's just the way it played out," he said.

"We just believed it was the wrong decision and we needed to explain that to people. That's the reason for the letter (to the Daily Mercury, published Friday, September 30)."

Mayor Greg Williamson has been contacted for comment.


We asked on Facebook if council should reverse its decision:

Debbie Brooker: No. There are plenty of people right behind the Council's decision, that don't want fluoride in our water supply.  

Jen de Groot: No, the people were not asked in the first place and most don't want this poison in their water.  

Carolyn N Ashley Walker: No the council heard from the public with their online voteing and the overwhelming response to remove it should have been enough listen to the people of your town WE DONT WANT IT EVER AGAIN got it!

Dellrayne Andersen: Buy it at the chemist if you must have it but leave it out of the town water supply.  

Maureen Passey: No.... Once council have made a decision that's it,a professional Business does not change its mind.

Brett NotarasBusinesses also make decisions on the evidence of efficacy, not on anti science hysteria  

Judith StanilandNo fluoride in the watet, buy tablets if you want it.  

Sylvia UnderhillNo. Get rid of the councillor s that voted against it.  

Scott JohnsonGood luck having a civil conversation on this particular subject with the average Australian though.  

Dos MullerNo.

Mike LyndseyYes  

Aneurin WilliamsYes  

Karen NitzYes  

Dianne CameronNo  

Anna RobinsonNo  

Jennifer LucasYES  

Amber GrechNo  

Nikki N Carl HortonNo.  

Renee SaundersYes  

Christina MeyerNo   

Gayle H MartinNo!  

Judi Fredrickson: No no no. Decision made. End of story. You won't please everyone.

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