BIG WET: Road closures, flooding, wet weather drills coast

DRIVING home from work at 10pm, Tamara Meek was more concerned for her safety while on her driveway than on a main road.

Heavy rainfall had caused water to gush down her driveway eventually covering it completely.

"I get run off from three other places," she said.

UPDATE: How much fell overnight and what's to come

"The driveway has been underwater since (Sunday)."

It's been a year-and-a-half since Ms Meek bought the property.


In that time, there has only been one other occasion her driveway has been completely submerged - Cyclone Debbie in March this year.

Unfortunately for Ms Meek, Monday's rain was only the start.


Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Andrew Bufalino said rainfall was expected to increase throughout today with 120-180mm predicted to fall in a six-hour period.

"There's a pressure trough nearby which is expected to combine with another trough causing more rain and a thunderstorm," he said.

Raining with no letup - Two weeks ago Tamara Meek's Sunshine Acres paddock was brown grass and dirt.
Raining with no letup - Two weeks ago Tamara Meek's Sunshine Acres paddock was brown grass and dirt. Valerie Horton

"There's potential for potentially damaging 90km/h winds in the next 24 hours."

Last night, Hervey Bay had received 34mm while Maryborough received 49mm.

The heaviest falls were expected last night and today, easing tomorrow.

"Wet conditions will continue into Wednesday but should start to move north in central parts and the central coast around Gladstone," Mr Bufalino said.

"Shower activity will continue but it shouldn't be as heavy."

The sudden inundation at Nikenbah will likely mean a hefty repair bill for the Meeks family.

"We have to get a bobcat in and fix it," she said.

"It'll cost about $300-$400 and we'll have to wait for the rain to pass."

Owning a number of horses, Ms Meeks was forced to remove them from their paddock and onto an area of driveway which was not underwater to prevent infection.

"Horses get greasy heel if they're standing in mud so I have to keep them out of it and make sure they have rugs on and keep feeding them," she said.

"(But) they're doing okay."

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