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Robbie Williams urged to grow up

ROBBIE Williams' new wife wants him to "stop being a kid" before they have children.

The 'Shame' singer - who married actress Ayda Field in Los Angeles last month - joked that while he is ready to start a family, his spouse has urged him to cut down on playing his favourite video games and learn to be more responsible.

He said: "Ayda is really keen on the idea of children. I think she would be a wonderful mother, but she has told me not to even think about it before I stop being a kid myself.

"I need to spend less time on the Playstation but Ayda thinks I'll be a good dad.

"I have no idea how many kids we'll have - only time will tell."

Robbie - who has recently reunited with his former group Take That - also gave advice to upcoming boy band Inju5tice, whom he met when he switched on the Blackpool illuminations, a light show held annually at the North West English seaside town, on Friday (03.09.10).

The 36-year-old star told the quintet: "Always stay friends no matter what, be careful of nervous exhaustion and learn to say no to things.

"Only do personal appearances if they're offered to the group, not individuals."

The group - made up of Chris, Harry, Matt, Kyle and Luke - said they were complimented by the singer and glad to get his advice.

Matt told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We hung out for 20 minutes. Robbie said he was the happiest he had been in his professional life, and he hoped we could follow in those footsteps which was nice."

Robbie will now release an album and go on tour with Take That.

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