Georgia Watt with her cheque.
Georgia Watt with her cheque. Contributed

Rocky girl wins big after buying raffle ticket

WHEN Georgia Watt bought a raffle ticket over the weekend, she never thought she'd be going home hours later with a cheque for $14,430.

Georgia, 22, travelled to Brisbane on the weekend with a group of friends to celebrate a friend's birthday.

On Friday night the group of girls sat around at the Caxton Hotel before they headed to the Broncos vs Rabbitohs game.

It was here that the local administration officer donated $10 to the Sids and Kids Foundation and purchased her winning ticket.

Georgia said she had forgotten she had even entered the competition until she saw an advertisement at the football game.

"Through the game they announced the winning ticket on the big screen but I didn't see the ticket number so I asked the guy sitting next to me if he knew what number they'd called," she said.

"He said it ended in131 but that's all he knew. I quickly checked my ticket which ended in 131 but I didn't think anything of it. After the game we were outside the stadium and I really wanted to know what the number was so one of my friends googled it and it was my ticket number.

"They started screaming and getting really excited but I kept calm because I didn't really believe it because I'd never won anything before. We barged back in through the gates and had to tell the security staff that I'd won some money so they could let us all back in."

Georgia and her friends made their way to one of the foundation promoters who was holding a massive cheque for $14,430.

"I was in shock when I saw the amount," she said.

"I rang my mum straight after and she couldn't believe it, then my siblings kept texting me telling me to buy them things. My friends wanted me to go to the casino to see if I still had my luck.

"Because it was a 50-50 raffle I won half of the total amount that was donated on the night and the other half was donated to the foundation. My friends kept screaming and jumping around but I don't think I will be that excited until it's in my account and I see it myself because I still don't really believe it.

"I am off on a holiday in the US later this year so it will come in handy for that plus I just really want to save the rest."  

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