PRISON DRAMA: Controversy brewing in Capricornia Correctional Centre.
PRISON DRAMA: Controversy brewing in Capricornia Correctional Centre.

CQ prison riot triggered by sugar and TV remotes

THURSDAY 2.10PM: A CENTRAL Queensland prison has returned to normal operations days after it was locked down following a prison riot.

The Capricornia Correctional Centre was placed on lockdown after as many as 31 prisoners rioted over what is reported to be a lack of sugar packets and television remote controls on Saturday last week.

During the riot prison staff initiated a 'Code Black' after prisoners damaged property and failed to cooperated with staff.

Today it was confirmed a number of windows were smashed and a cell was flooded during the riot.

Once prisoners were brought under control they were separated by prison staff.

Police were investigating at the prison for a number of days and are continuing with their investigation now the prison has returned to normal operations.

MONDAY 7.10AM: THE Capricornia Correctional Centre is expected to remain in lockdown today while investigations into Saturday's riot continue.

Yesterday it was revealed as many as 31 prisoners were involved in a riot over the weekend, with prison staff declaring a Code Black around lunchtime on Saturday.

The prisoners involved have been identified, according to the Department of Corrections, and placed in separate areas of the unit following the incident.

The incident is now part of a police investigations, with inmate to be interviewed throughout the day on Monday.

Prisoners who had scheduled visits are being allowed non-contact visitation only.

The unit within the prison will remain on lockdown until interviews are conducted and the damage is repaired.

SUNDAY: THERE will be a full debrief at the Capricornia Correctional Centre today following a prison riot involving 31 inmates yesterday.

The Department of Corrections said the matter was now subject to a police investigation, with those involved possibly facing charges.

Corrections would not release specific information on what the prisoners were protesting about other than to say their demands were over relatively minor issues.

While the protest started with eight prisoners, it is reported to have escalated to as many as 31 inmates being involved.

Corrections said it was standard practice to separate prisoners after such an incident, adding they may be transferred within the centre, or moved to other prisons.

Prison officers initiated a Code Black at lunchtime yesterday when the protest escalated.

Prisoners refused to obey the officers directions and caused damage to a number of cell doors as well as covering the CCTV cameras in the unit.

The Centre Emergency Response Team officers including the Delta Unit (dog unit) responded to the riot.

They were able to successfully negotiate with the prisoners, who eventually agreed to return their cells and be locked down.

The lock down was executed by electronic means and the unit secured by 3.30pm.

Following the riot, which saw one unit locked down after the Code Black was initiated, the prisoners involved were separated into different units of the prison.

Visits at the prison were cancelled during the riot and the lockdown that followed.

Acting Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner James Koulouris praised the work of the correctional officers to defuse the situation and negotiate a peaceful outcome.

"Incidents such as these can place our staff at risk," Mr Koulouris said.

"We train our officers in de-escalation and negotiation skills, and Saturday's protest is an excellent example of how our officers manage some of the most challenging and complex people in society to keep our prisons safe and secure.

"I'd like to congratulate all of the officers involved in Saturday's incident. They showed professionalism and judgment to negotiate a safe and peaceful outcome to what was a very tense situation.

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