DON'T MISS: Tonight's the night the Fraser Coast's Mitch Gould meets Bachelorette Angie Kent.
DON'T MISS: Tonight's the night the Fraser Coast's Mitch Gould meets Bachelorette Angie Kent.

ROLLING COVERAGE: Beer-pouring plumber's big Bach debut


Mitch got a rose! 🌹 

Unfortunately so did the King of Noosa and definitely-not-Zac-Efron.

Two men we're sure we've never seen before get sent home.

Until tomorrow night peeps!


Rose ceremony time!

Here we go folks!


Look folks, she couldn't give the 24 hour rose to Mitch.

That would make the final result too obvious. 

They have to keep everyone guessing and throw us all off the scent, obviously.

No one picks the cringey guy who sings on the first date, surely?

I predict Carlin won't even be top four.


And this is the general consensus on the King of Noosa:


I just realised that unless you are watching you probably don't really believe there's a man in a cape.

So repeating this Twitter-worthy moment: Behold.


The undercover brother has been revealed! 

All the boys look suitably stunned.

The King of Noosa looks nervous.


The King of Noosa made the beautiful puppy-bearing firefighter cry.

We have two things to say:

One, get it together Fireman Jamie.

And two, watching a grown man cry because another grown man was mean to him is almost as bad as a grown man who is wearing an actual cape.


The King of Noosa is coming off pretty poorly here.

I've lost track of the controversy, he didn't want a rose, or maybe he did want a rose, but not the 24 hour rose?

To be fair, trying to disguise a bad personality can be pretty hard over a whole 24 hour period.

Mitch is all of us in this moment: not saying anything, but close enough to hear all the gossip.


Adorable moment alert!

Our muscular and totally there for the right reasons (unlike the King of Noosa) Hervey Bay hottie Mitch just had a cute moment taking selfies with Ange.

They will make such cute babies together.


The only thing worse then serenading someone on the first night?

Interrupting the guy serenading the Bachelorette by being a little bit obnoxious.

Man-who-definitely-isn't-Zac-Efron, we salute you!


More secondhand embarrassment as Carlin whips out a guitar and starts strumming.

Mitch has christened him James Bond in his dapper suit and yeah, we can see it.


Mitch has got off on the right foot, telling Angie's undercover brother Brad how beautiful Angie is.

Well played, Mitch. Well played.


If a dime of ratepayers' money was spent on Jess-the-Noosa-councillor's get-up, I must insist on an immediate Royal Commission and a Senate inquiry.

I haven't felt this much secondhand embarrassment since Jennifer Lawrence took that tumble at the Oscars.


Mitch is out of the limo, repeat, Mitch is out of the limo!

We only got a brief glimpse of the well-dressed suitor, and Angie had to spit out some gum before she met him, but it was incredibly romantic and yes, we're calling it, he definitely wins.

You'll love the Whale City Ange.

8.05PM: British hottie is clearly this year's Paddy.

But he's got a twinkle in his eye and he seems like a lot of fun.



If Mitch can't outlast Kayde something is very wrong.

Who dresses like a life guard if they're not a life guard?

And there's no way he's as hot as Zac Efron.


A firefighter with a dog?

This is plain cheating as far as we're concerned.

Although she seems more interested in the dog so far.


The first men are arriving! Timm made quite the impression.

How long until Mitch steps out of the limo?


It's underway! The Bachelorette has begun.

We're just moments away from watching the men meet the stunning Angie Kent.

Will our Hervey Bay bloke make a good first impression?


Well Angie has appeared on The Project as a prelude to tonight's opening episode of The Bachelorette.

She has confirmed she is still with the man she chooses at the end of the show.

Could it be Hervey Bay hottie Mitch Gould?

Only time will tell.


Mitch's mum Kym Rayner tells the Chronicle his family has been eagerly awaiting the premiere.

She was surprised but pleased when Mitch told her he had applied for the show.

"I never thought he would do something like this," she said

"We all have a private Facebook group set up so we can talk about the show."

See Thursday's Chronicle for a full interview with Mitch's family.


A FRIENDLY bloke who likes a beer as well as being a bit a of a gym junkie.

A picture is emerging of Hervey Bay's Bachelorette contestant Mitch Gould - one of a loveable larrikin who enjoys hanging out with his mates, the beauty of nature and has a good sense of humour.

He spends a lot of time at Pialba's 24 HR gym on Torquay Rd, where he does photography for the business as well as working out himself

The apprentice plumber will be cheered on by his mates at the Torquay Hotel.

He is friends with many of the blokes from the Hervey Bay Seagulls rugby league club, including their captain Steve Dwyer, who he works alongside at the Torquay Hotel.

He said Mitch was a funny guy, easy to get along with, down-to-Earth and hard-working.

If this year's Bachelorette, Angie Kent, was to pick Mr Gould for hometown visits, Mr Dwyer was confident she would be shown a good time in the Whale City.


Darren Carter, general manager of the Torquay Hotel, says he's Bachelorette contestant colleague and mate is a real catch.

"He's a pretty confident and outgoing guy," he said.

"This is his big break."

He confirmed the program would be screened at the hotel during Mitch's run.

"My advice I gave him before he left was to be himself," Mr Carter said.

"He will do Hervey Bay proud."

He reckons Mr Gould will be popular with the Bachelorette.

"He has always been a ladies' man."


WELCOME to the Fraser Coast Chronicle's rolling coverage of tonight's Bachelorette premiere where local barman and plumber Mitch Gould is vying for the heart of Gogglebox star Angie Kent.

Before the show begins at 7.30pm, we spoke with family and friends about Mitch's big moment.

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