1:20PM BREAKING: AFTER a lengthy discussion from councillors, Seafront Oval will be left alone.

A motion to change the location of the controversial adventure playground was carried 6-5, with the playground now proposed to be located at site 2 near the all-abilities playground.

Crs Taylor, Sanderson, Truscott, Everard and Lewis voted against the motion.

12:10PM: COUNCIL will continue to investigate options to mitigate erosion along the Urangan foreshore, following a number of issues arising from the continued erosion.

Erosion between the Urangan Pier and Aquarium has remained an issue for the community, which deputy mayor George Seymour raised at the time of the Urangan Pier Centenary.

Council unanimously voted to continue investigating options for erosion management, including continued beach nourishment and monitoring.

Part of the monitoring will involve the council working to gain state government approval to remove sand from Dayman Spit to nourish the beaches between the pier and aquarium.

Cr Seymour said it was sad to see erosion happening in the area, which was why the council needed to act.

"It's our duty to have a process in place," he said.

11:40AM: BEACH access is about to get a lot easier on the Coast, with expressions of interest for the beach mobi-mats going out to community organisations.

The mats were first rolled out on the Coast in 2016, and were trialed again in 2017.

Council has called for expressions of interest to allow community groups to better manage the rollout of the mats, as council staff are unable to manage them on weekends and public holidays.

Cr Chapman said it was a great asset for the community.15

"It not only helps those in wheelchairs, but it helps the elderly who can't get across the sand," he said.

Cr Maddern said it was a great facility for the community that would benefit those who wanted to manage it.

11:30AM: COUNCILLORS have just adopted their schedule of fees and charges for the 2017/18 financial year, just ahead of budget month.

Cr Chapman said it was a much-needed review, given it allowed people to examine the different charges associated with setting up businesses in the region.

"This is a step in the right direction...it's all about looking at our fees and charges," he said.

"This review we've done here...lines up with the budget."

10:40AM: THE Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance has made submissions to the council to help protect the Great Sandy Marine Park, ahead of a government review of the area.

The current review will be completed by September, after the State Government granted a 12-month extension to the process.

President of the alliance Scott Mitchell said there was one particular area of the park that was not fully protected - something the group wants to change.

He said the Great Sandy Area was unique to the Fraser Coast, and it thus needed to be protected.

"I hope you're all aware of the value and significance of recreational fishing on the Fraser Coast...the Great Sandy Area does not exist anywhere else in the region.

"This should be a true conservation area."

10:00AM: Good morning Fraser Coast, and welcome back to another exciting council meeting for this month!

The recent happenings on the Seafront Oval could come to a head at today's meeting, and the Sport Precinct could have tenders announced once the matter reaches a resolution in confidential.

Fraser Coast councillors at the June meeting in Howard.
Fraser Coast councillors at the June meeting in Howard. Blake Antrobus

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We'll be bringing you live updates through the meeting.

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