Petra Fromont moved from Melbourne.
Petra Fromont moved from Melbourne. Emily Black

Romantic reunion brings couple to Toogoom

REUNITED after 30 years, Petra Fromont and Wayne Crisp have started their new life in Toogoom, picking up where they left off three decades ago.

Petra said the duo moved from Auckland, New Zealand, to Melbourne, Australia, as a couple, but it wasn't long before they parted ways.

"We were only here for a few months when my parents came out to see what life was like here, and that created a bit of tension in the household, so we separated," she said.

The separation saw Wayne move to the opposite side of the country, to settle in Perth, Western Australia, where his two children still live, while Petra stayed in Melbourne.

"Just over a year ago, he contacted me on Facebook, and I thought 'that's interesting'," she said.

"I'd thought about him a bit over the years."

Petra said when he went back to Perth to visit his 18 year old son, he contacted her to catch up for coffee while he was driving back to Perth.

"We met up for a coffee in Melbourne and bang, the chemistry was still there," she said.

She added they were better off financially, as rent and electricity costs, were much more affordable.

"We lived in Melbourne, about 50kms out of the CBD, heading towards country Victoria and we were paying $340 for a three bedroom, small town-house and here it's like $320 and we've got four bedrooms and a large block."

Petra said while she didn't know much about Hervey Bay before moving, she did manage to make some friends before she moved.

"We were having lunch at the local hotel in Melbourne, and there weren't many people in there and a couple came and sat next to us," she said.

"They were probably in their seventies...and I overheard them say 'Hervey Bay'.

"I said to Wayne, you're the talker, go over there and then we probably spent an hour and a half chatting."

Now they were unpacked, Petra said they looked forward to catching up with their new friends, as well as finding some part time work.

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