Litterbug leaves calling card

ILLEGAL dumping in State Forests is bad enough, but leaving your identification behind as proof is just “absolute stupidity” according to Allan Fuary.

The Old Coach Road resident often has to dodge dumped rubbish on his regular walks through nearby Wongi State Forest.

Dumping is a regular occurrence along the dirt tracks, but it isn’t often someone is dumb enough to leave behind their calling card.

This week, however, Mr Fuary discovered a new pile of rubbish with a whole lot of incriminating evidence amongst it.

“The latest person who dumped their rubbish left a heap of identification in the name of a woman – there’s an old health care card letter, a receipt in the same name for a deposit on a Commodore sedan, a Medicare docket and banking receipts,” he said.

“It’s absolute stupidity.”

Mr Fuary said he called the council to come and clean up the rubbish, but “they weren’t interested.”

“When it comes to rubbish no one wants to know because someone has to clean it up,” he said.

“People use the forest as a dump. I’ve found old building iron, asbestos sheeting, tyres and car bodies. This lot has old nappies and sanitary pads – even a sink.

“People dump in the forest so they don’t have to pay to go to the tip.”

Fraser Coast Regional Council has free tip days every November.

Department of Environment and Resource Management conservation strategy and planning manager Clive Cook said the department would investigate the matter.

“Details of illegal dumping on protected areas should be reported to DERM so that departmental officers can investigate,” he said.

“Likewise, any ID found among illegally dumped litter should be handed into DERM.

“People who are caught illegally dumping litter are given a legal direction to remove the litter, which means they must bear the responsibility and cost of removing and disposing of the litter legally.”

The maximum penalty for a single instance of illegal dumping by an individual is $16,500.

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