Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Vicki Wood

Rudd to Abbott - pick the day and we'll debate carbon price

AFTER he failed to show for a debate on the economy last week, Tony Abbott is now facing another challenge from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

In unveiling more than $3.8 billion in cuts to support his change to the ETS start date in Townsville, Mr Rudd challenged the Opposition Leader to another debate.

Mr Rudd said "here's the challenge - you pick the day next week at the National Press Club, to debate the carbon price".

He said Mr Abbott should front the debate and lay out how the Coalition's direct action plan was better than Labor's ETS.

Mr Rudd also said new Treasury modelling, completed for the government, had shown the change to the ETS would give consumers an extra $380 a week, while Mr Abbott's plan would add $1200 to the cost living.

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