Editor Mat Nott
Editor Mat Nott

Rush to save time getting ridiculous with gadgets to match

WE ARE all getting time poor.

It is a mystery how this has come about when we have the benefit of a string of remarkable inventions that are supposed to save us time.

Aeroplanes, cars, printing presses, steam engines, the internet, computers and the wheel are on the list of big inventions that save us plenty of time.

Throw in electricity and power tools and a host of other gadgets and you just begin to scratch the surface of man's ingenuity.

This pursuit of efficiency and economies of scale has now gone off the rails. Our attempts to shepherd our time and our energy has taken on ludicrous shape.

In a market recently, I was flabbergasted to come across a plastic cone with an inner sleeve that rotated on battery power. The gadget was designed to hold the cone of your ice-cream and cause it to spin. This removed the tiresome need to rotate your ice-cream by hand.

All you had to do was stand there with your tongue poking out and let the gelato wipe itself off on your tastebuds.

There was a similar device that held the handle of a fork. When you were dining on spaghetti bolognaise you would just flick the switch and the fork would self twirl.

A heat sensitive egg timer that has the shape of an egg has a lot to love about it.

It is bright red when you drop it in as you are boiling eggs and as it hardens up it turns degrees of yellow. Takes a lot of anxiety out of your day.

The self-buttering microwave popper certainly takes the edge off home theatre nights.

When you are under the pump after a hard day at the office and have to snip up your herbs for the dinner, what better way to do it than with the multi-blade scissors.

With five cutting edges instead of two, the ability to get those herbs just how you want them in an instant is now at your finger tips.

The three-pronged potato pricker is a personal favourite. When not using it to get those perfect, pricked roast potatoes you can jab it in your backside. More painful than the prong will be the realisation you are awake and it is not just a bad dream.

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