RV base nearly home

THE final approvals are falling into place for Tinana's RV Homebase, which is set to become home to its first residents by mid-July.

But that is not the only cause for celebration – the development also won a Fraser Coast Regional Council Mayor's Environmental Award for Excellence In Sustainable Design last week.

Project manager Barry Rawlinson said the award was icing on the cake for the developers, with the project starting to pick up speed as it neared completion.

“Now that the nasty wet weather has cleared, we're going quite well,” Mr Rawlinson said.

“Our central facilities building is set to be finished next week, and we're put in a lot of landscaping.”

Proof that the site is near completion, Mr Rawlinson said electricity to the site was turned on yesterday.

“It was a bit of a milestone – we're certainly getting there,” he said.

Mr Rawlinson said in keeping with the sustainable, low-maintenance ideals of the 210-home development, native plant species were included in the gardens.

“We will be harvesting the storm water that goes into the lake, treating it and piping it back to water those plants in the gardens and flush the toilets,” he said.

“We're using a very sensible approach.”

He said each home in the village was designed to be an affordable, easy-care option for people who may go away for long periods and were likely to be on fixed incomes.

“We've chosen good insulation, so that even if power prices do go up, their power use won't be very high so it will remain affordable,” Mr Rawlinson said.

As well as winning the sustainable design award, Mr Rawlinson said the architects also won a parallel award for the home designs.

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