Maryborough artist and businessman Lex Frank died in hospital on Sunday.
Maryborough artist and businessman Lex Frank died in hospital on Sunday. Robyne Cuerel

SADLY MISSED: Devoted dad and community leader dies

IT WOULD be easier to list the things Lex Frank didn't achieve in his lifetime than to list all his accomplishments.

The 77-year-old Maryborough man operated a successful business for more than 20 years, he was a prominent artist whose paintings hang in many of the region's homes and he was also a loving and devoted father and husband.

In addition to all that, Mr Frank, who died in Brisbane's Wesley Hospital on Sunday after a long battle with leukemia, was also committed to helping his community in any way he could.

While he had a full time job as the dealer principal at the Tarrants Ford dealership, he was also part of the Maryborough Endeavour Foundation's committee for 20 years and he was a member of Apex and Maryborough Rotary.

His close friend Rollo Nicholson also fondly recalled the 10 years the two spent on the committee that was formed to fundraise to make the Brolga Theatre a reality, helping to reach $1.2 million before the project was granted additional government funding.

"He was a valued member of our committee," he said.

Mr Frank's work for the Endeavour Foundation encapsulated the person he was, Mr Nicholson said.

"It was typical of the work Lex did in the community, doing a damn good job for people in need."

Mr Frank's daughter Jane said she had many wonderful memories from her childhood thanks to her father, especially spending school holidays by the beach in Tugun and of course also in Hervey Bay eating fish and chips with her dad, her mum Cassie and brother Roger.

He was an equally devoted grandfather to Jane's two sons, Euan and Alistair and Roger's daughter, Hannah.

"He was an incredible father, and an incredible grandfather, as well as an incredible husband of course," Jane said.

"We just feel enormously grateful he was so pivotal in our lives."

Jane described her father as the voice of reason, strong and calm as well very gentle.

She said her dad was passionate about history, literature and art.

"He was passionate and interested in everything. He loved the people in this town.

"He was very good at putting himself in other people's shoes."

Lex McAulay, who served in the Maryborough Rotary Club alongside Mr Frank, said his friend was deeply involved in the community service organisation.

"Lex was a mainstay of the club, he was a past president of the club," he said.

His major achievements during his time with Maryborough Rotary included organising ads for the yearly rotary club calendar, the annual road safety event for schools and organising the installation of the rotary wedding chapel in Queens Park.

Mr Frank was born in Brisbane on November 18, 1939, to Cynthia and Alex Frank and was a loving brother to his sister, Rosslyn McCarthy.

He did his schooling at Brisbane's Church of England Grammar School.

He was married to his wife Cassie for 51 years.

Mr Frank's funeral will be held on Friday at St Paul's Anglican Church in Lennox St from 10am.

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