Football Maryborough president Daniel Sanderson said it was a great year for football in the region.
Football Maryborough president Daniel Sanderson said it was a great year for football in the region. Alistair Brightman

Sanderson thanks committee for great year of M'Boro Football

'TEAMWORK makes dreams work" is one of the mottos of Maryborough Football president Daniel Sanderson.

With the football season well and truly out of the way, Mr Sanderson said it had been a great year for Maryborough Football, and football in the whole Wide Bay area.

But there was still a lot to be achieved with local competitions and numbers, and what the association could do "for younger generations".

"We want to make sure the facilities ... will draw the crowds back to see more footy," he said.

"It's all about building the bigger picture; future grants will help to progress the current facility in Maryborough.

"In the future, people want to go to eat dinner, have a drink and watch great football - we want to make this a priority."

Mr Sanderson credited the current committee for helping to deliver upgraded scoreboard facilities and higher numbers in the junior and senior divisions, stating they were working towards new goals together.

And with the AGM next month, he was looking forward to continuing with the current role.

"I think there's been a new energy in the committee; we're all wanting to work towards new goals," he said.

"I'm grateful for their unanimous support on the role. They've been fantastic.

"We want to move the game forward locally, together."

Mr Sanderson was elected chairman unanimously in February, and was looking to restore football to its former glory in the Maryborough area with "audacious goals".

But while the group had not accomplished everything it wanted in its time frame, he said it was an ongoing process to try and make its goals realised.

Making sure the challenges of the new work were addressed was the main focus for Mr Sanderson, as the group headed into the next season.

"Usually with any committee there are always a lot of different opinions, and you work with each other to make the majority possible," he said.

"We've been able to do that, to achieve results, including finding grants for the groups and go forward with more games.

"We want to try and get more inner-city cups and challenges to help grow our local scene, and give pathways for younger players to go on to professional leagues.

"I want to make sure our game locally is of great standard."

The idea of inviting more events for the committee sprung from the visit of an English Premier team earlier this year, along with the success of the Junior State Cup in July.

"It's been a great year for sport and soccer generally; we want more high-profile teams to visit next year and make sure our juniors have something positive, and seniors have something they cherish with what they're playing for," he said.

"We have a great team of referees as well ... we could always use more, as it's easier on everyone else with more people."

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