SCAM VICTIM: Leona Cayzer was robbed of $9800 after she was targeted by a scammer.
SCAM VICTIM: Leona Cayzer was robbed of $9800 after she was targeted by a scammer. Alistair Brightman

Scammer leaves resident $9800 out of pocket

LEONA Cayzer has less than 28 days to prove she was the victim of money laundering.

If she can't, she will lose $9800.

On Wednesday, the Hervey Bay resident received a call from a man telling her the internet security company she was with no longer existed.

The scammer said he would refund the companies fee of $199.

"I told him to put it on my credit card but he said he couldn't do it that way and he'd have to put it into my bank account," she said.

"He said he'd also upgrade my (internet) security."


The scammer was able to gain remote access to the unsuspecting victim's computer.

While the "refund" was being completed $10,000, which was taken from Ms Cayzer's online savings account, was transferred into her regular account without her realising.

The scammer made Ms Cayzer believe it was his mistake and gave her instructions to fix it.

"He said he'd have me take out $9800 from the money that's gone into my account and leave $200 in to cover for the $199 I was 'owed'," she said.

"He said he wanted me to deposit the money into (a different bank)."

After a number of visits to the bank and police, Ms Cayzer was told her credit card had been maxed out.

After alerting the bank, the account which Ms Cayzer transferred money into was frozen. However, it could only be frozen for 28 days.

The scammer would tell the bank the money was his, transferred by his uncle.

Acting Senior Sergeant John Donaldson said everyone needed to be cautious, particularly people in the older age bracket.

"From what (Ms Cayzer) was telling me how (the scammer) got her to do certain things, it seemed they're very well practised and researched," he said.

"It's not just something someone has dreamt up over night."

Anyone concerned they have been scammed can report via or contact Scam Watch at